SNAPS is here to make putting on shoes and taking them off easy and fun for everyone. We have 3 different products for your choosing so that all demands are met. Once you use SNAPS products you will understand how annoying tying shoelaces used to be. With Snaps strong product development we will work to upgrade your shoes even more , upgrade your shoes with snaps! 


Easy to install and you do it only once

Always ready to go

Makes your shoes easy to use

No more need to tie the shoelace's, never again

Long lifetime

We make even your old shoes look nice again

Make your shoes different and good looking

Affordable for everyone

Options for Regular and Pro heavy-duty use

Once you purchase SNAPS products you just love them, as there is no need

to tie the shoelaces again. And what's nice the shoes look amazing again,

even the old ones.


We are all tired of tying the shoelaces every single day, we have done it

for last 3500 years.

Sipo OÜ

Estonia , Tallinn


+372 53 029 529


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